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Political Anagrams

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Political Anagrams

Dear reader,

Here at Ward Room, we try to have fun. Nothings more amusing to us than mixing up the letters in the names of politicians to spell out absurd phrases.

Here's a list of Political Anagrams with Illinois connections: 

    Michael Madigan: A Declaiming Ham
    Bill Brady: Blab Drily
    Richard M. Daley: Archly Admired
    Rahm Emanuel: Re: Lame Human
    Toni Preckwinkle: El Nitpicker Wonk
    Edward Burke: Ward Rebuked
    Joe Walsh: Jaw Holes
    Proco “Joe” Moreno: Once Poorer Mojo
    George Ryan: Grayer, Gone.
    Barack Obama: O! Am back, Arab
    Lisa Madigan: Again Dismal
    Dick Durbin: Bid Dick Run
    Ray LaHood: Hoary Load
    Dan Lipinski: Lank, Insipid
    Bob Dold: Odd Blob
    Bill Foster: Lobs Trifle
    Adlai Steveson: Needs Salvation
    Ronald Wilson Reagan: Insane Anglo Warlord
    Sandi Jackson: Joins Cad, Sank
    Anthony Beale: Notable Hyena
    John Pope: Pope John
    Matthew O’Shea: Hate Somewhat
    Scott Waguespack: Tags Two Cupcakes
    Rey Colon: Coy Loner
    Nick Sposato: Sack Options
    John Arena: Neon Rajah  


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