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Opinion: Our 2016 President Is ... ?



    Al Franken has been an on and off member of the SNL cast in the 70s 80s and 90s.

    Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is already offering odds on the 2016 presidential election. Here are some of the favorites, with our comments.

    • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton-D, 7-1: Oh, yeah, and the Spin Doctors are going to have another #1 album. The ’90s are over.
    • Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan-R, 7-1: Only losing vice-presidential candidate to become president: Franklin D. Roosevelt. That’s all those two would have in common.
    • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie-R, 12-1: One hundred years after William Howard Taft left the White House in a wheelbarrow, America is ready for another fat president.
    • Ohio Sen. Rob Portman-R, 14-1: Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy were the last two senators elected president. But they had personalities.    
    • Florida Sen. Marco Rubio-R, 14-1: I see your first black president, and raise you with the first Latino president. The best bet on the board.
    • Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush-R, 14-1: Maybe the third time’s the charm, but let’s not find out.
    • Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney-R, 16-1: Even Romney knows this bet would be a bad investment.
    • Vice President Joe Biden-D, 25-1: At 73, Biden would be the oldest man ever elected president. He should be hitting on widows at senior center bingo.
    • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal-R, 25-1: Bill Clinton is another governor whose first prime-time speech was terrible. Also, he’s Indian, and the GOP could use some melanin.
    • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo-D, 25-1: Like father, like son. A relic of ’80s liberalism. 
    • Wisconsin Sen.-elect Tammy Baldwin: Same-sex marriage is legal in the District of Columbia. 
    • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker-R, 40-1: He’d beat an impeachment, you can count on that. 
    • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel-D, 40-1: The first Jewish president doesn’t sound like a landmark anymore.    
    • Massachusetts Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren-D, 66-1: Hillary Clinton without the baggage.
    • Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum-R, 80-1: He’s going to keep running, just to clean up his Google results.
    • Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards-D, 90-1: Identical to the odds of him marrying his mistress.
    • Businessman Donald Trump-R, 100-1: I don’t even need to think of a joke. You already laughed.
    • Texas Governor Rick Perry-R, 100-1: “There are three branches of government: judicial, legislative, and…um…”
    • Minnesota Sen. Al Franken-D, 150-1: He’s good enough, he’s smart enough, but doggone it, will people like him?