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Obama May Return 2012 Re-Election HQ to Chicago



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    President Barack Obama waves as he alights from Air Force One after touching down at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    This is where the magic happened.

    At least that may be the thinking of the Obama White House, as rumblings grow louder that the 2012 re-election headquarters may be located in Chicago.

    The Chicago Tribune reports that many observers are saying that a return to the city is likely.

    The Tribune lists a number of factors in the likelihood of President Obama centering his headquarters in Chicago, including strategist David Axelrod's planned move back to the city, blunting the perceived anti-Washington climate around the country and staying strategically close to a number of battleground states.

    "He will and must select Chicago," American University political scientist James Thurber told the newspaper. "He needs to project an anti-Washington image and keep the campaign staff far away from the echo chamber in D.C."

    A skeletal staff may be in place by spring 2011 with a larger team added by the summer or fall, according to some Democrats who talked to the paper.