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"No One Here Is Trying to 'Muscle' Him From the Race."



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    "No one here is trying to 'muscle' him from the race. That should have been clear from the president's comment (Wednesday in Springfield)."

    That's White House senior adviser David Axelrod referring to President Obama's quip that Giannoulias is a "soon-to-be-senator"

    The White House is at last pushing back against talk that they plan to force the troubled treasurer from the Illinois senate race.

    Axelrod's comments come amid a flurry of stories suggesting Giannoulias is toast.

    Most of the prose goes: Alexi Giannoulias will be forced off the ballot and the White House will encourage ______ to run, where ______ equals a popular Illinois politician who's closest tie to a bank is their debit card.

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