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Tighter Mag Mile Security Suggested During NATO/G8



    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012)

    The president of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce thinks stores on State Street and the Mag Mile need to implement more security during the May NATO and G8 summits.

    Jerry Roper told the Sun-Times this week that these stores should prepare for the worst during the May 19-21 summits and even give employees the option to work from home to avoid potential conflicts with protesters.

    Roper pointed to the 1992 Loop flood and said evacuation plans need to be in place. He also looked to the $2 million in protester damage during the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, saying services to board up windows also need to be on hand.

    He suggested that stores have 24-hour security outside their doors to give customers a feeling of security and prevent anyone from "coming in to disrupt our city,” he told the Sun-Times.

    Lori Healey, executive director of the NATO and G-8 Host Committee, told the publication it's too early to dole out such advice, especially ahead of logistical plans being released by the committee.

    Still Roper said that because the summits are an "unknown" to Chicago, people could get alarmed and stores need to prevent any panic if a situation arises.

    Healey said she would not make "any pronouncements about what the business community should and should not do."