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Kinzinger, Feeling Snubbed, Gets White House Phone Call: Report




    Adam Kinzinger says he isn't getting any love from the White House.

    While Illinois' delegation remains relatively split on military action in Syria, the Republican congressman vocally said he agrees with intervening and apparently reached out to President Barack Obama's administration to help garner support in Congress.

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    The problem is, his call hasn't been returned. At least as of Sunday morning

    “A week and a half ago my office actually reached out to the White House and said, ‘Hey, we support the strike on Syria, we’re going to help you round up support if you need it,’" Kinzinger said Sunday on ABC News’s “This Week" roundtable. "I haven’t heard back from the White House yet. I haven’t heard back from anyone. I don’t even know who my White House liaison is.”

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    Kinzinger said this kind of behavior will make it hard for the president to get votes and doesn't help his relationship with Congress.

    "Now we find ourselves in a situation where I think the president has made the decision correctly that the cost of using chemical weapons should far exceed the benefit that anybody gains from it," he said, "and he’s trying to build a relationship with Congress and there’s a trust deficit.”

    The White House reportedly reached out to Kinzinger after his appearance on the show and said they want to work with him going forward.