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How Chicago Legislators Voted On Conceal Carry Veto

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How Chicago Legislators Voted On Conceal Carry Veto

Here's how Chicago legislators voted on the motion to uphold Gov. Pat Quinn's amendatory of the conceal carry bill. The motion passed the Senate, 41-17, and the House, 77-31. Most Chicagoans in both houses voted to sustain the veto, although several were marked as absent, excused or not voting. Here's the roll call:


Eddie Acevedo NO
Luis Arroyo ABSENT
Toni Berrios NO
Daniel Burke EXCUSED
Kelly Cassidy NO
Barbara Flynn Currie EXCUSED
John D’Amico YES
Monique Davis YES
Ken Dunkin NO
Marcus Evans YES
Sara Feigenholtz NO
Mary Flowers NO
LaShawn K. Ford NO
Esther Golar YES
Greg Harris NO
Frances Ann Hurley YES
Michael Madigan YES
Robert Martwick YES
Deb Mell NO
Christian Mitchell NO
Elgie Sims EXCUSED
Derrick Smith NO
Cynthia Soto NO
Silviana Tabares YES
Andre Thapedi NO
Arthur Turner YES
Ann Williams NO
Michael Zalewski NO
Jacqueline Collins NO
John Cullerton YES
Bill Cunningham NO
William Delgado NO
Mattie Hunter NO
Iris Martinez NO
John Mulroe YES
Antonio Munoz NO
Ira Silverstein NO
Heather Steans NO
Donne Trotter NO
Patricia Van Pelt NO

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