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How Big Will Illinois' Pension Obligation Be In The Year 2525?




    At his press conference on Tuesday, Gov. Pat Quinn announced that Illinois’ pension obligation is increasing by $17 million a year. Here’s how big it will be at important dates in the state’s history, if it continues growing at the current rate: 

    The end of Governor Quinn’s term: $109 billion
    The end of President Obama’s term: $111.8 billion
    The Illinois bicentennial: $133.4 billion
    The end of Derrick Rose’s shoe contract with Adidas: $172.1 billion
    The end of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s presidential ambitions, given actuarial projections that he will live to be 80: $263.7 billion
    The bicentennial of President Lincoln’s assassination: $421.2 billion
    The end of the Chicago parking meter deal: $533.2 billion
    The bicentennial of the Cubs’ last World Series victory: $691.3 billion
    In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive: $3.2 trillion