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Why Online Sales Tax Bill = Buzz Kill




    Gov. Pat Quinn just signed a law forcing online retailers to collect sales tax. Raise your hand if you're happy about this.

    First the state income tax goes up, now this. Wait around long enough and we'll start being taxed for breathing.

    Sure, forcing Amazon.com and its ilk to slap on sales tax makes sense. It levels the playing field for Illinois retailers.

    Not for Chicago stores, though. Six and a quarter percent is still far cheaper than 10.25 percent. It's worth driving a short eternity to make major purchases beyond the reach of that heavy burden.

    We all realize it takes money to make the state run. Problem is, too much of that money goes out the window. Quinn may couch it as a slap at Amazon, but it really hurts the consumer.

    And yes, we understand that when you buy something in America, you should pay sales tax on it. And we should never download music illegally. And we should see the dentist twice a year. And the speed limit is the law.

    But isn't it fun to stray from the straight-and-narrow every now and then? Oh, well.

    Thanks for ruining the party, Governor Quinn.