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Hardball at the Wisconsin-Illinois Border

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Hardball at the Wisconsin-Illinois Border
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AWOL Senators Watch Budget Unveiling from Illinois

Three of Wisconsin's AWOL Democrats watched from south of the border as Gov. Scott Walker outlined a biennel budget that slashes funding to public schools and local governments while holding the line on spending in that state.

Wisconsin Budget Battle

Martin Malin, a Chicago-Kent College of Law professor, talks about how the Wisconsin stalemate could play a role in 2012 presidential election and whether if Illinois could face the same fate as its northern neighbor.
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The Wisconsin standoff reached an absurd new depth this week as senators hiding in Illinois offered to meet their governor at the state border. Like it's the DMZ or something.

Unlike Illinois, where Governor Quinn slaps backs and doles out high fives to Democratic cronies, things are frostier north of the border. Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller offered to meet and Gov. Scott Walker slapped him down.

Hatfields-McCoys. Klingons-Romulans. Cats-Dogs.

Government shouldn't be a game of "chicken." But here it is.

Wisconsin's public employees are willing to chip in more for healthcare and pensions. 

That should be enough. But Gov. Walker also wants to destroy their ability to bargain collectively. That's like a guy stealing your girl on the beach, then kicking sand in your face. 

Walker can have almost everything he wants, but he wants it all. Hopefully, he wants a new job, because he should start looking for one right about now.

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