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Giannoulias' Poor Fundraising Part of National Democratic Trend




    Alexi Giannoulias isn't the only Democratic Senate candidate doing a poor job of fundraising.

    GOP'ers had five of the top six fundraisers among Senate candidates -- and only one of them was an incumbent: Sen. John McCain.

    Giannoulias, you'll recall, raised $1.2 million. His opponent, Mark Kirk, raised $2.2. He's widely considered to be one of the biggest fundraising winners nationwide in the first quarter.

    Kirk's comrades in GOPdom, former Reps. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) have doubled and quadrupled the amounts of their rivals, respectively. Toomey's on track to whup Sen. Arlen Specter in November.

    So in perspective, Alexi's not doing so bad. It's just his entire party that's tanking.