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Emanuel Offers Compromise on Water Bills for Non-Profits




    A showdown between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cardinal Francis George may be averted.   

    As Cardinal George planned to join ministers and leaders of non-profits to speak out this week against Emanuel's policy on water fees, the city announced it will adjust the plan approved nearly 18 months ago.

    The proposal would offer an exemption based on a sliding scale, and any organization with less than $1 million in assets would not have to pay for water.

    The mayor's office says this is a "final proposal" devised after meeting with community leaders and aldermen. 

    The new plan calls for four groups based on size and assets. Non-profits with net assets of less than $1 million, for example, will be eligible for free water, while non-profits with net assets between $1 million and $10 million with receive a 60 percent exemption. Those with net assets between $10 million and $250 million assets will receive a 25 percent exemption, and those with net assets between $250 million and above will receive no exemption

    There will be separate rules for public museums.