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Emanuel Awards Charters for Longer School Day



    Rahm Emanuel spoke at CICS Washington Park School on Thursday.

    It will cost $5 million, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Chicago Public Schools will find a way for charter schools to extend the school day beginning in January.  

    Each school that chooses to lengthen its day by 90 minutes will receive a $75,000 grant and each of its teachers will get an $800 bonus, Emanuel said, matching the funding given to CPS schools that agreed to a longer day ahead of schedule.

    Mayor Wants Longer Days for Charter Schools, Too

    [CHI] Mayor Wants Longer Days for Charter Schools, Too
    Mayor Emanuel extends his financial incentives to charter schools to get them to adopt a longer school day.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011)

    About 42 charter schools are eligible, and Emanuel said 32 said they'll apply.

    “Charter schools educate our children which is why we are including them in our plans to implement a longer school day next year," said Emanuel Thursday at CICS Washington Park School, "and this grant funding will help support charters interested in doing what’s best for our kids by offering the longer day as soon as possible.”

    "I want the absolute best for my children," said one parent who introduced Emanuel at Tuesday's press conference.

    Emanuel says the schools that already have lengthened their day have added the equivalent of a week's worth of instruction.  

    Discussions are still ongoing with the Chicago Teachers Union over more class time in CPS schools. Several schools have voted for a longer day ahead of schedule, but the CTU wants more time to make sure the day is as effective as possible for students.