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Durbin: Poor Crack Smokers Need Love Too!

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Durbin: Poor Crack Smokers Need Love Too!

Dick Durbin loves poor, urban people so much he doesn't want them to suffer so much for their crack addiction.

The Senate recently passed a bill, sponsored by Durbin, that would raise the amount of crack needed to trigger a five-year mandatory minimum sentence from a federal judge.

Why? Because poor people smoke crack! And a poor, chalky-lipped tower-dweller with a little bit of crack goes to prison for longer than a collar-popping, Beamer-driving WASP with a man bag full of bumpables.

This undermines trust in the justice system! And probably plays into that whole the-man-made-crack-to-kill-poor-people-or-get-them-locked-up conspiracy theory.

Oddly, Durbin's bill would also seem to incentivize crack smokers to smoke more crack. Or at least ensure they stay on the streets longer! Yay?

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