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Daley on Errant Bat: "As Long as the White Sox Won"




    The mayor was sitting in the lower boxes and had to duck out of the way from the bat that sailed his way. (Published Wednesday, July 28, 2010)

    Mayor Richard Daley says he didn't mind having an errant bat nearly hit him during a baseball game Wednesday night.

    "As long as the White Sox won I didn't care where the bat was going," he said.

    The longtime Sox fan was nearly struck by the bat when outfielder Andruw Jones missed a pitch during the fourth inning and let his bat fly into the stands.  The mayor was sitting in the lower boxes.

    "It happened so quickly, you know, and everybody was ducking.  Of course, I ducked too.  I was not going to stand up and grab a bat flying across," Daley said Thursday when asked about the incident, adding that it's the second time he's been in that situation.

    Daley was nearly hit with a bat during a Sox/Kansas City game last year.

    "I was worried," he said, though he added:  "It was an exciting game."

    The Sox ended Wednesday's game with a win over the Seattle Mariners, 6 to 5.