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Daley: I Do the Threatening 'Round These Parts




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    "This is America. People say many things. They may disagree with your political viewpoint but the should never threaten anyone."

    That's Mayor Daley speaking Saturday -- with no hint of irony! No rifle in hand! No gleeful smirk! -- about Christopher Fox, the California man who, in a fit of pique over Daley's gun "butt" comments, called the mayor to threaten him.

    Daley, Without Irony: You Shouldn't Threaten Anyone

    [CHI] Daley, Without Irony: You Shouldn't Threaten Anyone
    Daley says a man who disagreed with his rather demonstrative remark to a reporter on the effectiveness of the city's gun ban had no right to threaten him. (Published Sunday, June 6, 2010)

    Fox is being held without bail in Santa Clara County Jail.