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Blagojevich Look-a-Like Haunts Dirksen

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Attorney/actor Jerry Kroll said he freaked out when he realized how much he resembled Illinois' former governor.

As if one weren't enough.

A Rod Blagojevich lookalike made the rounds today at the Dirksen Federal Court building, where reporters and camera crews sat waiting -- for the ninth day -- for a verdict from the jury.

The doppelganger -- actually attorney-cum-actor Jerry Kroll -- was dressed in a dark blue suit and his hair was, not unlike Rod's, brown and, well ... buoyant?

Kroll, who could also be mistaken for a more cheery David Duchovny (see for yourself here), has appeared in such hit films and TV shows as "Assassin in Blue" and the Lifetime Movie Network's "Second to Die."

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