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Blagojevich: "I Don't Want to Be Governor for Two More Years"




    Rod Blagojevich was broke, bored and rapidly realizing he may have reached the summit of his political career, according to FBI tapes played in court Thursday.

    "We're struggling here," Blagojevich says on a call with Patti and advisors Bill Knapp and Doug Scofield. "I don't want to be governor for two more years.  Two f***in'  years.  The whole world is passing me by and I'm stuck as f***in' governor."

    Blaming his woes on "the shitty f***in press", Blagojevich says business has dried for Patti thanks to the Tribune's coverage of her real estate deals.

    Getting angrier, his voice rising, Blagojevich says "I should of looked the other way on the landfill.  I'd be getting money from my father-in-law right now," referring to Ald. Dick Mell.

    Eventually, the conversation turns to his kids.

    "I feel like I'm f***ing my children," Blagojevich says. "Eight f***in' wasted years. I can't afford college for my daughter."