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Blago Lawyers Want Rezko, Levine to Talk




    Attorneys for Rod Blagojevich say two key figures in the case are refusing to speak to them, and they have asked a federal judge to order them to talk.

    The lawyers have asked Judge James Zagel to make convicted fundraiser Tony Rezko, and convicted influence peddler Stuart Levine available for questioning.  The Blagojevich defense contends both could be called as witnesses and they need to determine what exactly they would say.

    “Defense counsel provided written requests to counsel for Rezko and Levine, requesting the opportunity to speak to them,” lawyer Lauren Kaeseberg wrote in a brief filed with Judge Zagel.  “Neither request was answered – Rezko and Levine will not speak to the defense.”

    The Blagojevich legal team has been making moves recently.

    Last week they said a tape that contained a converstation between Rahm Emanuel and a Blagojevich aide -- a tape that would exonerate the former governor -- went missing.

    Monday, prosecutors said such a tape does not exist.

    "As the defendant well knows, from reviewing the discovery" said Schar, "there is no missing recording."