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Blago Jury Getting Back to Work




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    The jury in the Rod Blagojevich corruption retrial returns to work Monday for its sixth full day of deliberations.

    Jurors left Thursday, after sending the judge a note asking for clarification of their instuctions for the first ten charges of wire fraud. 

    They said they were having trouble with a clause which stated, that to find Blagojevich guilty of the charge, they must prove that a scheme "involved a materially false and fraudulent pretense, representation, promise, or concealment."

    Judge James Zagel sent a return note, inviting the jurors to re-read the instructions. 

    "After you have done so," he said, "I ask you to state which specific words or phrases in the third proposition you believe need clarification."

    As of the time they left for the weekend, the jury had not responded. 

    It wasn't clear whether another note was forthcoming, or if the simple re-reading of the instruction had been sufficient to satisfy their concerns over the instructions.