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Blago Doesn't [Bleeping] Like Rahm [on Tape]

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Blago Goes Off About Rahm on Tape
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Rahm Addresses Blagojevich Motion

The mayoral candidate says the facts are clear, and have been for two years.
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In case Rahm Emanuel doesn't have enough on his mind about a week before his mayoral inauguration day, he just got name-dropped again during a Rod Blagojevich corruption trial.

In November 2008, Blagojevich was frustrated that then-congressman Emanuel was being less than attentive to his needs. He was expecting Emanuel to approach him about a replacement for his own position in the 5th congressional district.

"This (expletive) Rahm's gonna come to me for help in the 5th congressional district," Blagojevich said on a tape played in court Tuesday. "(Expletive) him!  You know what I mean? All a one way street with that little (expletive)! (Expletive) him!"

During the former governor's first trial, Emanuel's name was mentioned repeatedly, though neither side called him to the stand.

In February, Blagojevich's lawyers filed a motion to release a "missing tape" that documents a conversation between Rahm Emanuel and John Harris, who was Blagojevich’s chief of staff. The motion says the purported missing call would prove that Blagojevich had no intention of selling Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat.

The mayor-elect has declined to discuss any role he played in the accusations.

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