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Blago Appointee Named Most Clueless Congressman



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    Roland Burris, the man appointed to fill Barack Obama's Senate seat by Governor Rod Blagojevich, was just voted the most clueless member of Congress in an informal poll by Washingtonian Magazine.

    Most Illinois voters already knew that about Burris already. He's the same man who already had his Oak Woods Cemetery Memorial inscribed with his life's work.

    Last year, around the same time, Burris was voted among the 15 most corrupt congressmen by the watchdog groupCitizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

    The Washingtonian Poll found a similar result on the ethics tip: they voted Burris 3rd most likely to star in a scandal.

    Illinois' other Senator, Dick Durbin, fared much better in the informal poll. He was rated as the No1. workhorse and the No. 1 most eloquent member of Congress.

    Other Illinois pols making the list: Aaron Schock was ranked No. 3 rising star, No. 1 hottie, No. 2 gym rat, No. 3 best dressed (save for that teal belt).  Besides all his cosmopolitan accolades, Schock shares a distinction with Burris, he was voted 2nd most likely to star in a scandal.

    Looks like Illinois scandal is bipartisan.