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Berny Stone Subpoenaed Over Alleged Secret Political Fund



    Ald. Berny Stone, who's entrenched in a bitter runoff race with Debra Silverstein, Wednesday attended a State Board of Election hearing over allegations he's been using a secret campaign fund  that may violate the state's new campaign finance laws.  

    Stone allegedly tapped into funds from Concerned Citizens of the 50th Ward to run negative ads against his opponent.

    Stone was subpoenaed to attend this hearing.  His opponent Debra Silverstein has told reporters the secret fund has helped Stone wage a negative campaign against her.  

    Some of the Concerned Citizens literature suggests Rahm Emanuel supports Stone, but actually the mayor-elect has endorsed Silverstein.    

    When asked about whether campaign money was given to Concerned Citizens , Stone said "not to my knowledge but I'm told it was misdirected to them." 

    Stone, however, said the Concerned Citizens literature  "basically told the facts about my opponent." 

    Stone also defends paying campaign workers in cash and denies he was trying to skirt new campaign finance rules.