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A Gator, a Guillen and a Dude Named Augie Lead the Facebook Campaign for Mayor



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    Just 24 hours after Mayor Daley sent a shockwave through Chicago with his decision to not run for a seventh term speculation for “who” will take his throne in City Hall is well underway.  

    But forget about Rahm Emanuel and Sherrif Tom Dart, early indicators are that the Chicago River Gator is a strong favorite.

    Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Four Square are filled with upstart write-in campaign ideas for who should be the next Chicago mayor.

    A quick search on Facebook with the term “Chicago Mayor” delivers campaing results for Michelle Obama, Ozzie Guillen, Rod Blagojevich, a man simply called “Augie,” and the Chicago River Gator.  Yes, all of these are potential candidates for the Next Mayor of Chicago on Facebook.

    Laugh it up, but consider the case of the Facebook fan page dedicated to Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live.  Ironically, when the question was asked on Twitter about who the next mayor should be, her name was first to pop up on the feed.

    Other honorable mentions on Twitter included Michelle Obama, Rod Blagojevich, NBC 5 sports reporter Paula Faris. Other users suggested that the popular application “Four Square” be used to determine the next Mayor.  By the way, Four Square currently lists “Garret N.” as the Mayor of City Hall with 35 check-ins.  Rahm Emanuel was not available to question on whether he will participate in the Four Square battle over City Hall, but he might want to borrow a page from his boss and get the social network rolling.

    The ball is definitely in Rahm’s court .