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This Week's New Movies: "The Fighter" Takes on All Comers

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Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams star in the new film from director David O.Russell (""Three Kings") about the rise of boxer "Irish" Mickey Ward.

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Helen Mirren on "The Tempest": "Really Extraordinary and Powerful"

Helen Mirren chats about why filming "The Tempest" in Hawaii was "really extraordinary." Russell Brand also weighs-in over a rumor that he and Katy Perry adopted Justin Bieber.

"The Tourist"

Johnny Depp plays a regular guy who travels across Europe in the hopes of getting over a broken heart, only to find himself ensnared by super spy Angelina Jolie in some crazy international intrigue.
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"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"

The third film seeks to get the franchise back on its feet finds Lucy and Edmund bringing along cousin Eustace to meet Prince Caspian for a trip on the Dawn Treader. Along the way there's all manner of warriors, dragons and dwarves--oh my!. In theaters everywhere, watch the trailer
"The Tourist"
The third, and easily best, of 2010's "Whoops! I Fell for a Super-Spy" romcoms stars Angelina Jolie who lures Johnny Depp into her web of international intrigue so she can use him as bait. In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer

"And Everything is Going Fine"
Steven Soderberg presents a documentary about the great storyteller Spalding Grey, who committed suicide following a lifelong battle with depression. In limited release, watch the trailer

"The Company Men"
This tries to make some thoughtful points about the economic crisis by presenting us the story of three upper-middle class guys who get laid off. Badly misses the mark. In limited release, read our review and watch the trailer

"The Fighter"
 A blast--a funny, energetic, exciting ride set to a high octane soundtrack and featuring great performances from Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo. In limited release, read our review and watch the trailer

"Hemingway's Garden of Eden"
Based on Ernest Hemingway's novel about a young couple honeymooning across Europe whose marriage is thrown into turmoil by another woman. In limited release, watch the trailer

A 25th anniversary re-release of the definitive nine-hour film about the Holocaust, considered by some to be the greatest documentary ever. In limited release, watch the trailer

"The Tempest"
While Julie Taymor struggles to bring Spider-Man to Broadway, you can see her singular vision brought to bear on Shakespeare's story about the survivors of a shipwreck stranded on an island. In this version the lead of Prospero is now Prospera, and played by Helen Mirren, co-starring Russell Banks, Alfred Molina and Djimon Honsou. In limited release, watch the trailer

"I Love You, Phillip Morris"
Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor star in this film based on the true story of a man awakened to his own homosexuality by a near-death experience, He then turns to a life of crime, one that lands him jail, where he meets the love of his life, someone for whom he will do anything to be with. In limited release, read our review and watch the trailer

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