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It's Never Too Soon to Start Work on a Death-of-Bin Laden Movie




    You'd watch it--you know you would.

    Kathryn Bigelow, Oscar-winning director of "The Hurt Locker," has already been at work for weeks now on "Kill Bin Laden," reported Deadline. This will no doubt give all new meaning to the term fast track.

    Bigelow and "Hurt Locker" scribe Mark Boal had set out to tell the story of a failed attempt on OBL's life, but in light of last night's announcement, you can bee sure the third act will play out a little differently.

    Oracle heiress Megan Ellison, who helped make "True Grit" happen and is fast becoming the poster girl for how to be a cool fundie, is said to be ready to bankroll "Kill Bin Laden," and Bigelow is said to want Joel Edgerton to star.

    Bigelow has proved that she possesses both the technical chops and perfect sensibility of tone to tackle a film like this without turning it into a chest-thumping piece of jingoistic propaganda.

    Now, if Michael Bay were doing this we'd be worried.