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Tour Dan Brown's Colorful, Private World

Brown's library includes all of his books in over fifty languages.

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    Dan Brown, author of "The DaVinci Code," "Angels & Demons," and "Inferno," gave the TODAY show's Matt Lauer a tour of his New Hampshire home, his "colorful, private world," complete with secret passages, and, as Lauer recalls, "surprises at every turn."

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    The most notable thing about Brown's home can be found behind a large painting on one of the walls--push it and you enter Brown's office, where all the writing happens. Moving through the office you'll find the library, which Brown calls his "fortress of gratitude." It includes all of his books in over fifty languages. The library also has several secret passages that leak out to the rest of the home.
    Every day after he writes he moves on to the piano, which he plays very well. "That's no chopsticks," Lauer said after listening. Brown admits that piano is "definitely one of (his) passions."