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On Last Weekend's Open House National



    Learn how to use colors with the team from Civility Design. They demonstrate how to make accessories pop by using aqua and pink as the "neutrals" (Watch video below). Next, come with us to Purchase, New York to view a 20-plus-room French manor home with five acres of rolling lawns (Watch video below). We later head to LA to tour the home of interior designer to the stars Jeff Andrews to see how he mixes modern and vintage styles to create a sense of harmony and warmth (Watch video below). We also visit Libertyville, IL to view a 10,000-square-foot home (Watch video here). Finally, we meet the darling Kosovrasti Family and George comes to rescue and build their boys the bedrooms of their dreams (Watch video here).

    This location of Open House was hosted from 1235 Park Ave., contact Maria Pascal of The Heddings Property Group at 917-881-2184 or mpascal@heddingsproperty.com. View the listing.

    Tips of the Trade: Learn How to Use Colors

    [LXTVN] Tips of the Trade: Learn How to Use Colors
    Some of Chicago's top designers talk about the impact of bold color. The team from Civility Design, Don Raney and Jaymes Richardson, go inside one of their colorful projects. With aqua and pink as the "neutrals", they show how to make accessories pop. Also, Stephanie Wirth of Leo Designs gives a tour of her own home, which is designed entirely of black and white. Although lacking color, she has made her home quite the conversation piece with lots of texture, shapes, and finishes. It proves that lots of color or the lack of it, can both make a dramatic statement.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010)