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    Purchasing a new painting or sculpture for your home can seem like an intimidating experience, especially for budding collectors who are new to the gallery scene. But art lovers need not be frightened thanks to these basic pointers from contemporary art consultant Emily Greenspan of Tag-Arts. (Published Wednesday, Jul 6, 2011)

    On this weekend’s Open House National show, art consultant Emily Greenspan reveals what you need to know to purchase paintings, sculptures and other creative works at galleries without being intimidated (watch the video above). We’re invited into Sonya Powell’s $5.4 million house in the Hollywood Hills, where clean lines and contemporary style showcases organic elements. If you’re stumped about how to maximize your style in a small space, Chicago-based interior designer Tony Stavish’s 500-square-foot apartment is packed with inspiring ideas (watch the video below). Dreaming of a hideaway in the country? You won’t want to miss out on Caren and Olof Nelson’s rustic, yet refined, $9 million getaway, the Dear Meadow estate in Southport, CT that was once a barn (view the video below). Finally, the always colorful design guru Jonathan Adler demonstrates how to channel the exotic colors and quirky charm of Palm Beach (watch the segment below).