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Blackhawks Celebrate NHL's Christmas Break in Style

Leddy, Shaw among those Hawks celebrating the holidays



    Getty Images
    Nick Leddy-Hockey-Eden Prairie, MN/Chicago, IL
    Local look: He was drafted into the NHL in 2009 as the 16th overall pick and the first American-born player selected during that year. Leddy was traded from the Minnesota Wild to the Blackhawks during his freshman season in 2010.
    Hyper-local tidbit: If the Blackhawks had kept all of the players from the previous year, Leddy would have placed the team over the NHL salary cap—instead, he was fairly inexpensive.

    With a three day break courtesy of NHL schedulemakers, several members of the Chicago Blackhawks got to spend some quality time with their families on Christmas, and some of them were nice enough to post pictures of their holiday celebrations.

    Forward Andrew Shaw made a gingerbread house with his girlfriend that is remarkably well-constructed:

    Defenseman Nick Leddy posted with a gift that puts the traditional homemade gift from grandma to shame:

    Blackhawks prospect Jeremy Morin spent some quality time with his family, including one pup that decided to make itself at home amongst the Morins’ Christmas presents:

    Finally, Hawks defenseman Mike Kostka continued to embrace his resemblance to Avengers’ hero Thor with this gift that he got for Christmas: