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Groupon Watch: Domestic Partners, Direct Mail

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Groupon Watch: Domestic Partners, Direct Mail

In news related to Chicago’s Groupon, BuyWithMe racked up a fifth acquisition with NY-focused ScoopSt - the weapon of choice here, against Groupon,  is domestic purchases. Cartera and Barclays are joining forces to offer “points” rewards for shopping at certain merchants – certainly nothing new, but more competition for Groupon, according to Nasdaq; and direct mail is also a growing contender.  Read on:

  • Two major banks join up to offer credit card rewards – more ammo against Groupon. (Nasdaq)
  • That burden for postal carriers, direct mail is gaining ground on Groupon. (TheStreet)
  • Only two stars? An anonymous current or former worker reviews Groupon as an employer. (Glassdoor)

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