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Groupon Snags Edward Norton,



    Ed Norton answered the call from Groupon.

    Public opinion might be swaying away from Groupon at the moment, but it still has enough appeal -- and cash -- to get actor Edward Norton involved in an Earth Day challenge sponsored by Groupon. The company's site has an email Q&A with the Fight Club co-star, which includes this Pulitzer-winning quote when Groupon asks how he integrates going green with snacking: "When it comes to eating pizza sustainably, I’m pretty much on par with the Lorax."

    I am Jack's shocked green thumb.

    Anyway, Norton and Groupon are teaming up to offer $50,000 in donation prizes to the top three campaigns on CrowdRise, a crowd-sourcing website for philanthropists. The campaigns that take home the most eco-bacon for an environmental initiative by May 15 will win.

    Meanwhile, social-recommendation app has been scooped up by Groupon, according to a post on the app's site. Details are still scarce, but here is what they can say: 

    We can’t reveal what we’ll be working on at Groupon but we are excited to give it 100% – to enable this, we’ll be winding down Ditto. On April 30th we’ll switch off the service and remove the app from Apple’s and Nokia’s stores*. We think you’ll love what we and Groupon dream up next.


    Groupon's stock, as of press time, is up 11 cents, to $12.78

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