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Go to There: Funding Feeding Frenzy

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If you've got brass ones and nerves of steel and are in dire need of capital, you should consider registering for next month's Funding Feeding Frenzy. Taking place Nov. 2 at the Grossinger City Autoplex at 1500 N. Dayton St., it's primed to be a brutal shark tank-style event -- basically like American Idol for entrepreneurs, or Thunderdome with funding (and less Tina Turner).

There will be three different panels depending on how much capital you're asking for: the Guppy Bowl for companies seeking less than $250,000, the Piranha Pond for those seeking between $250,000 and $1.5 million, and finally the Kraken Cave for those seeking more than $1.5 million. Just remember: Sharks can smell fear, whereas krakens rule the briny deep with an unparalleled business savvy and the ability to eviscerate any creature foolish enough to pitch it a flimsy idea. There's a reason we aren't marketed many products and services that originated from the ocean.

If you're inclined to try your luck, you can register here. The fee to attend is $97, and if you want to present, it'll run you $697.

Finally, here's the promo from last year's event, which gives you an idea of how brutal the panels can truly be:

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