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Why Lovie Smith Changed the Way He Prepares for Donovan McNabb



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    Donovan McNabb is so big and tough he almost plays like a linebacker or a running back.

    Early in his career, some teams, including the Bears, would often employ one of those players to mimic McNabb on the scout team during practice. 

    Not anymore, according to Lovie Smith.

    "Donovan's not the same scrambling quarterback where he takes off and gets yards on you," Smith said when asked if he still practices that way.  "Now he scrambles to find a pocket to pass. He is still a pocket passer. And no linebacker or runningback is going to bigger player can throw deep like McNabb, so we used our backup QBs this week."

    Sounds like Brian Urlacher may have prepared differently.

    "I don't know why Philly traded him," Urlacher said, shaking his head. "It still baffles me. He's a good quarterback, one of the best in the NFL. He scrambles, throws it well, he's got a great arm. He knows what you're doing on defense; just a smart quarterback."

    Fans will find out what sort of quarterback comes back to his hometown right around Noon on Sunday.