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Turf Wars: Soldier Field Gets New Sod




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    When the Bears play the Packers this weekend, they'll kick off on new sod.

    Soldier Field will install a new, natural grass field in time for Sunday's game after the turf replacement planned for the Bears' home opener was delayed.

    McCaskey: Natural Grass is Safest for Our Players

    [CHI] McCaskey: Natural Grass is Safest for Our Players
    Chicago Bears Chairman of the Board George McCaskey addresses the turf problems that canceled the Family Fun Night at Soldier Field. (Published Monday, Aug 8, 2011)

    The field, owned by the Chicago Park District, has been criticized for its sloppy sod, especially after it caused the cancelation of the team's annual family fest last month. 

    But it wasn't easy getting green in Chicago. 

    Even after the Bears played two preseason games on the old turf and a college game used the field, it was determined the sod was good enough for the season-opening game.

    And now that the time has come, questions are being raised about the type of turf used. The new grass is the same type that caused controversy, and some players are hankering for artificial turf.

    Groundskeeper John Nolan and Soldier Field general manager Tim LeFevour will talk through the decision Wednesday during a press conference.