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NFL Changes Kickoff Time, Improves Your Sundays

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NFL Changes Kickoff Time

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The NFL made a slight schedule tweak that will make Sunday doubleheaders a bit easier. They moved the 3:15 games to 3:25, meaning the Bears will now face the Cardinals at 3:25 on Dec. 23.

And what does that 10 minutes get you?

Nothing, really, except the NFL won't have two games butting into each other as often. You know how you miss the end of one game when the Bears start at 3:15, and you need just 10 minutes more to catch the end of the noon game that is really exciting?

However, you're conflicted, because as a good Bears fan, you want to see every minute of the team. Plus, with Devin Hester and Eric Weems on the team, a kickoff can turn into a touchdown at any point.

The NFL has removed that conflict for you and all football fans. Go ahead and say thank you when you get a chance.

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