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You Think Cutler Has it Bad? Have you SEEN the NFC's QBs Lately?



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    Aaron Rodgers

    As was shown by Todd Collins' performance on Sunday against the Panthers, the Bears are in real quarterback trouble for as long as Jay Cutler is out with a concussion. However, they are far from alone. Looking around the NFC North, every team has their own set of issues with their signal caller.

    Green Bay: The Packers lost to the Redskins in OT on Sunday, but the losses don't end there. Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion, and his favorite target, Jermichael Finley, left the game with a knee injury and will be out for three weeks. Green Bay officials have not discussed a timeline with Rodgers, but as we learned with Cutler, concussions are tricky to predict.

    : Matthew Stafford has not played since the Bears knocked him out in week one with a shoulder injury. He is throwing passes, but isn't expected to return until Detroit faces Washington on Halloween.

    Minnesota: Hoo, boy. The Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is in the center of a storm, with the NFL investigating him for sexual harassment. Not only that, the 41-year-old's elbow problems are starting to flare up.

    While it's true that the NFC North (and before that, NFC Central) is known as a place for defense and running backs, this is a sad state of affairs. All four starting QBs in the NFC North are dealing with issues that can affect their play.

    See? So waiting on Cutler's brain to heal while watching Collins throw four interceptions isn't so bad.