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Hey, Jerry! Draft Ths Guy: Keith Williams, Nebraska



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    Bo Pelini and Keith Williams

    A continuing series of draft day suggestions for Jerry Angelo, who appears to be unable to identify offensive line talent.

    Hey, Jerry! Did you catch Nebraska's win over Missouri? Roy Helu ran over Missouri's previously unstoppable defense, picking up 307 yards. You should draft the guy who blocks for him.

    Keith Williams is a three-year starter for the Cornhuskers. This season, he has helped two Nebraska running backs top 800 yards in eight games. He plays left tackle for Nebraska and could learn from veteran Roberto Garza about how to transition to that role in the NFL. He has the size -- 6-foot-5, 310 lbs. -- and the accolades -- pre-season All-American. After playing in Nebraska for four seasons, Williams even knows how to handle cold weather.

    Jerry, Draft this guy!

    Other players for Jerry to draft: Tim Barnes, Missouri; Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin