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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Best and Worst of Bears vs. Giants



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    Julius Peppers

    Grizzly Bears -- the Bears who did what they could to keep the team in the game:

    Julius Peppers: He did everything humanly possible to keep the Bears in the game -- a sack, a forced fumble, two tackles and a broken pass.

    Robbie Gould: The Bears kicker nailed a 40-ft. field goal to keep the Bears from being shut out. It would have been the Bears first shut-out since 2002. Considering all the bad records the Bears set against the Giants -- 10 sacks, ahem -- Gould deserves something for keeping them out of that category.

    Teddy Bears -- the soft, plushy Bears who crumbled under the slightest pressure:

    Jay Cutler: He wins the award for most resembling a teddy bear, getting literally thrown around like a doll. Though the offensive line failed, so did Cutler. Instead of getting rid of the ball quickly, like he did in the Bears win over the Cowboys, Cutler refused to let the ball go. In doing that, he was sacked nine times and earned a quarterback rating of 40.7.

    Offensive line
    : Beyond the franchise-record 10 sacks given up, the offensive line did nothing to open up holes for the running game. How bad was it? The Bears only gained 59 yards on the ground. They only came up with 110 yards total and six first downs.