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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Best and Worst of Monday's Win



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    Devin Hester

    Grizzly Bears (The Bears who ripped through the Packers like a wheel of cheese)

    Julius Peppers: Despite being held more often than a newborn baby, Peppers blocked a key Packers field goal attempt and drew a flag that brought back a Green Bay touchdown.

    Devin Hester: Ridiculous, again! Hester had a huge game, returning a punt for a touchdown the first time in two seasons. Though he only caught one pass from Cutler, Hester reminded us of the magic he can make in punt returns. He found a seam to return the ball for a pivotal, 62-yard touchdown. Earlier in the game, he returned the ball for 28 yards to set up the Bears first touchdown.

    Brian Urlacher: It's so good to see No. 54 back to being No. 54. Urlacher was everywhere in this game. He made eight tackles, forced a fumble, and even batted down a Green Bay "Hail Mary" pass at the end of the first half.

    Teddy Bears (The Bears who were as soft as brie)

    Charles Tillman: In the middle of a close game, turnovers are key. Tillman had a great shot at making a game-changing play in the first half, but dropped an almost sure interception. He did make five tackles, but missed on the play that was so important.

    Matt Forte: Who would believe that a game between the Packers and Bears only had 140 yards total on the ground? The Bears had 77 of those yards. Part of the problem was that Forte had only 29 yards on 11 carries. He had two carries for negative yardage, and was unable to get in the end zone during the Bears final drive.