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Grizzlies Bears and Teddy Bears: The Best and Worst of the Seahawks vs. Bears



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    Devin Hester

    Grizzly Bears -- the Bears who had seagull for dinner:

    Johnny Knox: The wide receiver showed why he is always a threat downfield, hauling in a Cutler bomb for a 67-yard gain. He wasn't perfect, as he and Cutler weren't always on the same page, but he did make five catches for 120 yards, reminding Bears fans how magical of a combination Cutler-to-Knox can be.

    Devin Hester: The ridiculousness is back. Hester made it possible for the Bears to get back in the game after playing miserably for four quarters with an 89-yard punt return for a touchdown. He added to that two catches for 26 yards.

    Teddy Bears -- the Bears who ended up with bird poop on their faces:

    Julius Peppers
    : Remember last week, when Peppers made our jaws drop with his athleticism and ability to be everywhere the ball was? That was replaced with complete ineffectiveness against the Seahawks. He had two tackles, and could not break through Seattle's line to get anywhere near QB Matt Hasselbeck.

    Jay Cutler: Coming off of a concussion, Cutler looked lost on the field. He was able to connect with receivers at times, but couldn't follow up big plays effectively. A quarterback who is known for his laser accuracy, Cutler overthrew his receivers several times and finished the game just 17-for-39.

    Mike Martz: The offensive coordinator's play-calling went beyond bad. It was borderline dangerous. Despite the fact that the Bears scored early via the run, Martz continued to rely on the pass, attempting 39 passes to only 14 rushe. With a hobbled offensive line still trying to find its footing, Martz put his already flailing QB in danger by not allowing his running game to flourish. Cutler paid the price, as he was sacked six times.