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Cutler Doesn't Mind Flying Under the Radar



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    Jay Cutler

    Outside of the Chicago Bears' locker room, expectations are low. Few people expect them to make the playoffs. Sports Illustrated ranks them 29 out of the 32 NFL teams.

    According to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, that's a good thing.

    "Everyone is a little bit down on us, a little bit disappointed (in) last year and then preseason wise. Offensively, we haven't been as high flying as we were predicted to be. That's fine. Under the radar isn't a bad thing."

    Under the radar isn't a bad thing when it means that you can shock the NFL with your excellent play.

    Under the radar is a terrible thing when it means the team is relying on low expectations. If everyone expects that they will only win six games, but they win eight and still miss the playoffs, will Bear Nation be satisfied?

    Of course not. The Bears have had three mediocre seasons in a row and with the amount of money the Bears have spent on the team, more average play is not OK.