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Chicago Bears Start with Colts, Packers on the Road




    The Bears will start their pre-season against Peyton Manning, and will start their regular season against his former team as the Bears kick off their season on September 9 against the Bears. Five days later, they will head to Green Bay to face their rivals on a Thursday night on the NFL Network. The season ends with two games on the road, in Arizona and Detroit.

    Here is the just released schedule:

    Sun.     9     COLTS     12:00 PM     WBBM     CBS            
    Thu.     13     @ Packers     7:20 PM     WBBM     NFL Network            
    Sun.     23     RAMS     12:00 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Mon.     1     @ Cowboys     7:30 PM     WBBM     ESPN            
    Sun.     7     @ Jaguars     3:05 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Mon.     22     LIONS     7:30 PM     WBBM     ESPN            
    Sun.     28     PANTHERS     12:00 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Sun.     4     @ Titans     12:00 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Sun.     11     TEXANS     7:20 PM     WBBM     NBC            
    Mon.     19     @ 49ers     7:30 PM     WBBM     ESPN            
    Sun.     25     VIKINGS     12:00 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Sun.     2     SEAHAWKS     12:00 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Sun.     9     @ Vikings     12:00 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Sun.     16     PACKERS     12:00 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Sun.     23     @ Cardinals     3:15 PM     WBBM     FOX            
    Sun.     30     @ Lions     12:00 PM     WBBM     FOX