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Big Hits Earn Bears Big Rep for Lovie and the Boys



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    Lovie Smith

    During Sunday's win over the Cowboys, Chris Harris laid out Roy Williams with a bone-crushing pop after the Dallas receiver caught a pass from Tony Romo. Williams held onto the ball, but the message was clear. The Bears would make opponents pay for every yard they gained.

    “We had a lot of big hits,” Lovie Smith said Monday at Halas Hall. “Once you get that reputation, and during the course of a game once you see a big hit like that early on, it has to be on receivers’ minds as they’re coming across the middle trying to make catches."

    That big hit ability is going to help on Monday night against the Packers, who have a hobbled offensive line. Left tackle Chad Clifton and nose tackle B.J. Raji both left the Packers win over the Buffalo Bills. Take the Packers O-line not playing at 100 percent and add in the big hit ability of the Bears and Monday night could be a long evening for quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his offensive compatriots.