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Anthony Adams Released from the Bears



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    Defensive tackle Anthony Adams of the Chicago Bears speaks to media during the 2010 Brian Piccolo Award ceremony at Halas Hall on April 26, 2011 in Lake Forest. Adams was released from the team Sunday.

    The Bears' off-season moves started with the release of a popular player who produced little in 2011. After five seasons with Chicago, defensive tackle Anthony Adams was notified of his release on Sunday.

    Previously, he was a key part of the Bears pass rush but didn't live up to expectations in 2011. Between a back injury and the emergence of Matt Toeina and Stephen Paea, Adams missed five games. He had just one sack and 17 tackles.

    But Adams has become both a fan and locker room favorite due to his funny and open personality.

    His "fat man dance" kept teammates laughing, and he is known for community service. Once, when visiting Comer Children's Hospital, he left a note for a young Packers fan saying, "Go Bears!" Though he found out he lost his job on Sunday, he took the time to say thank you to every fan who tweeted him after the bad news.

    Now, the Bears will rely on Toeina and Paea and also try to develop Jordan Miller at Adams' old spot.