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Post-Wedding Video Rodeo

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Here's part of the reason you had no blog last week.  (I'm on the far right.)  My brothers and I watched our only sister get married off.  22-years-old.  When I was 22, I was still eating paste.  Hard to believe my baby sister's all grown up.

The 10 Dumbest Moments in "Wheel of Fortune" HIstory (with videos).  I once saw someone lose a puzzle that said "SECRETARY OF DEFENSE DONALD RU_SFELD."  The contestant bought a K...  Donald "Ruksfeld"???  Ugh.

* This is blazing up the internets: A trailer for "Mrs. Doubtfire" if it were a taut psychological thriller.  Spooky!  (Previously: "Shining")

* Jason Piazza joins me once again to discuss the merits of Facebook...

... and Jason's advice on kissing must be heeded.

* I would blog more today, kiddies, but my eyes are totally bloodshot and I'm literally falling asleep between keystrokes.  I've been awake 27 hours.  Back to full speed tomorrow!

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